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It's easy to see why you could love or hate a place that doesn't have any stores to buy food at, necessitates gas being brought out by delivery boat and requires you to figure out a way to fix any problem you encounter yourself.

But, what Matinicus lacks in fast food and coffee shops, it makes up for in its rugged charm.

In 2017, a small team at NEWS CENTER Maine planned a Maine road trip to top all road trips. The result is Maine by the Mile, a seven-part series highlighting unique places in Maine that aren’t the first ones you’ll find in guidebooks but are definitely worth checking out.

Welcome to Matinicus.

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Fast facts βœ“

- Archipelago located 20 miles off the mainland coast

- Population of 74 at 2010 census

- Matinicus is Abenaki for "far out island"

- First settler Ebenezer Hall was killed by Native Americans

- Total land area is just 2.3 square miles

- Fishermen catch cod, haddock, pollock, cusk, lobster

- Matinicus Rock Light was established in 1827

- Abbie Burgess, 16, kept light burning for 21 days alone during 1856 storm

- Nesting colonies of puffins, arctic terns, razorbill auk

Episode locations πŸ“

- Airbnb on South Road (Matinicus Isle)

- Eva Murray's bakery (Matinicus Isle)

- Various beaches (Matinicus Isle)

- Matinicus Rock Light (Matinicus Rock)

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Road trip gallery πŸ“Έ

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Get there from here

By car πŸš—:

- Not possible unless its carried out by ferry or you own an Amphicar, which we highly discourage taking on a 20-mile trip out to sea

By bus 🚌:

- Nope. Maybe the Magic School Bus β€” and that's assuming Ms. Frizzle is a fan of lobster

By plane ✈:

- Locally, Knox County Regional Airport (RKD), a county-owned public use airport in Owl's Head, houses small regional airline Penobscot Island Air which offers flights to and from Matinicus

- Regionally, Cape Air offers flights from Logan International Airport (BOS) to RKD

By train πŸš†:

- Sorry, ain't gonna happen

Lodging options

Dining spots