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Patrick Dempsey has two new shows in the works

You'll soon be seeing a lot more of Patrick Dempsey on TV. His show "Devils" is premiering on the CW Network this fall, and "Ways and Means" is in development.

PORTLAND, Maine — After spending 11 seasons on the wildly popular show "Grey's Anatomy", Patrick Dempsey's character on was killed off. That was five years ago. 

We see Dempsey often here at home in Maine, but it's been a while since we've seen him on TV.  That is about to change.  

This fall, his new series "Devils" will premiere on the CW Network. It was shot in Italy, and it's already aired in Europe. Dempsey plays at big wig in the financial world, and it's unclear if he's the "good guy" or the "bad guy." The CW just recently bought the rights to the show, and Dempsey says he's thrilled.

Dempsey, who has been talking with NEWS CENTER Maine this week about various topics, says, "I shot it last year, and it will be airing this fall on the CW. Which is a great surprise. So that will be coming Wednesday nights at 8 o'clock. I don't know the exact date, but that's probably coming in September or October."

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Dempsey says the wheels are already in motion for a second season of "Devils."

Just before the pandemic hit, he had just begun writing a new series for CBS called "Ways and Means." It's been delayed due to COVID-19, but that's actually giving the writers and producers (Dempsey included) more time to develop the storylines.

"He's a senator. He's a Republican, and he's part of Ways and Means," Dempsey said. "And it's sort of what happens behind the doors of Washington. It's a political thriller. It's really challenging right now with everything going on you know. How do you capture that? It's gonna be very hard for us I think until probably after the election to get an understanding of what's happening politically.  And then we can go from there. CBS has been incredibly supportive in allowing us a little bit more time to develop the story."

So, even if he can't make it home to Maine for his annual Dempsey Challenge in Lewiston this fall, there will be plenty of chances to see him on our TV screens.

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