ROCKPORT, Maine — Have you ever wanted to go camping but didn't have the right stuff?

Back40 Adventures is here for you.  

Henry Gilbert started a company that rents camping kits, complete with everything a person would need for camping. A solo pack includes a tent, a sleeping bag and pad, a cook stove, mess kit, headlamp, and other basic accouterments.

"We’re trying to convince people to rent instead of buy," said Gilbert, Back40's Founder.

Many customers fly into Maine for camping vacations and don't want to be bothered to bring gear. Others are experimenting with the activity. Still others may be looking for an easy way to host guests.

"Folks who have RV's, but want their families to come stay with them," said Gilbert. "They want them to come and hang out for the weekend, but they don't necessarily want them staying in the RV with them."