MARLBOROUGH, N.H. ā€” Police in the southwestern New Hampshire town of Marlborough last month asked all local rappers to refrain from bringing their horses down to the Old Town Road ā€” and the pop culture reference, to no one's surprise, went wildly viral.

The post showed a photo of a road with an Old Town Road sign in the foreground accompanied by a "You've Yeed Your Last Haw" meme, which features actor Jensen Ackles' "Supernatural" character Dean Winchester.

"Attention aspiring local rappers," the Marlborough, New Hampshire, Police Department's post reads. "Please stop taking your horses down to our Old Town Road. This quiet neighborhood off Troy Road is not a suitable filming location for your amateur rap videos."

For those who didn't understand the post, the department offered this to its "older followers": "Please disregard ā€¦ continue your equestrian activities as usual."

This all, of course, was in reference to what has been through two versions the No. 1 song in America for about a month: Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road."

The original song was released in December 2018. Following a highly publicized country-or-rap debate, the track, which runs less than 2 minutes, eventually reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in April. A remix featuring Bill Ray Cyrus became the country star's highest-charting U.S. single when it, too, hit No. 1.

Comments poured in with puns, jokes and praise.

"I would like to be reimbursed for the equestrian rental, tow hitch and horse tack I got installed in my automobile," wrote Igor Rodrigues. "Lastly for the amateur film crew I hired for the production of said video."

"Iā€™m moving there soon, and your posts make me feel so much better about it," wrote Courtney McLaughlin. "(Also I keep sharing with rural law enforcement people in back where I grew up in VA)."

"Whatever... can't nobody tell me nothin'," wrote Mike Sims, quoting the song's lyrics.

A second official remix of the song by DJ and producer Diplo was released in late April, and another featuring rapper Young Thug is reportedly in the works.