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Jump into spring with the Daylight Saving Dance Party

Van Halen, The Rollings Stones and Destiny's Child team up to remind you to make the annual time jump.
Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine
Get spring off to a rockin' start with NEWS CENTER Maine's Daylight Saving Dance Party.

PORTLAND, Maine — We've got just the right music to get your body moving as a reminder to move your clock ahead this weekend.

Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 8. That's when we move our clocks ahead by an hour and adjust our daily schedules to account for the increase in daylight due to the change of seasons.

People who forget to make the change will find themselves an hour late for all of their appointments. Our playlist is meant to spare you that embarrassment. Each song was selected to serve as a reminder of the time jump. Here's the full list:

  • Jump - Van Halen
  • Jump Jive an' Wail - The Brian Setzer Orchestra
  • Jump - Flo Rida featuring Nelly Furtado
  • 21 Jump Street - Holly Robinson
  • Jump (For My Love) - The Pointer Sisters
  • Jump - Kris Kross
  • Jumpin' Jack Flash - The Rolling Stones
  • One Jump Ahead - Brad Kane
  • Jump Around - House of Pain
  • Jump Shout Boogie - Barry Manilow
  • Apache (Jump on It) - The Sugarhill Gang
  • Come On Let's Jump - The Wiggles
  • Jump in the Line - Harry Belafonte
  • Jumpin' Jumpin' - Destiny's Child

If any Mainer represents the spirit of "jumping ahead" into spring, it's Kate Hall from Casco. She's a national champion long jumper with her sights set on making the U.S. Olympic track team for the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo.

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For those of us who lack Kate's physical gifts, trampoline parks provide an artificial boost. They cater to a range of abilities, from athletes in training to kids who want to experience the thrill of flying like Superman.

Clearly, Maine is a "jumping" place. And the beginning of Daylight Saving is the perfect time to let the rest of the world know it.

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