PORTLAND, Maine — It's not often Hollywood comes to Maine to shoot a movie.

But it's happening right now. 

The film's crew have been shooting scenes the last few weeks in Portland and Old Orchard Beach.

It's a dream come true for Greg Finley, an actor from Scarborough who wrote the screenplay more than a decade ago.

It's called Summer Someday.  

"It's a crime drama and it's also a love story about a lobsterman who has to do things he doesn't want to do to protect the ones he loves."

Finley, who plays the lobsterman and former boxer, has wanted to make this film for more than a decade but it wasn't until he didn't get a role he auditioned for that it became a reality. The director of that film was Ed Stevens, a Maine native.

"We met in LA. I read for his previous project. It was a villain role. They didn't see me as a villain but we kept in touch and I showed him the script I wrote."

Stevens read Finley's screenplay and after a little tweaking, liked it, a lot. 

He's from Kennebunk, went to Chevrus, he's the greatest. I can't believe it's a Mainer that is financing this movie."

Set of Summer Someday in Portland, Maine

Finley never wanted to be an actor. In fact, he never gave it a thought until he got really sick while he was at college, in Providence, Rhode Island.

Finley had an abscess in his throat and was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. 

"I was bedridden for a really long time and my mom would bring me DVDs in bed and I would just escape in these movies and I had this epiphany. I'm not sure if it was the Percocet I was on," Finley laughed. "But I decided I was going to LA to become an actor."

At 19 years old, Finely took off to Hollywood and has never looked back. After some lean years and a little luck, Finley has enjoyed success with featured roles in television and most recently in films.

The crew on set of Summer Someday in Portland, ME

Now he's excited to be back home in Maine shooting a movie he wrote. 

"That was the biggest thing for me was to shoot it here in Maine. The tax incentives aren't great, a lot of people go to Boston (to shoot movies) but for me, it had to be here."

At first, he was hoping it would be during the summer but agreed with Stevens and the film's director that winter was the best time for the look and feel of the film.

Crew on set of Summer Someday

"I wake up at 4 a.m. and I drive to set and I drive by my old high school going to a movie set it doesn't seem real at all."

A Mainer living his dream is truly the perfect Hollywood ending.

Filming is expected to wrap up on Friday, February 7.

Finley said they don't who will pick up the movie, a distribution company or streaming services like Hulu or Netflix, but he does know once it is finished there will be a premiere held in Maine.

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