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Celebrating 50 years: The Oxford 250

Although the rain has affected the initial race schedule with the cancellation of Friday's race, Saturday and Sunday are still set to go.

OXFORD, Maine — Race enthusiasts from all corners of the Northeast are converging on Oxford this weekend to participate in a thrilling annual event: the Oxford 250

This year holds special significance as it marks the event's 50th anniversary. 

The rain affected the initial race schedule with the cancellation of Friday's event. Saturday and Sunday are still set to race. 

"This is our Daytona 500 in the Northeast," Dennis Spencer, one of the drivers gearing up for the Oxford 250, said. "It's the biggest race we have up here. It's quite a weekend. The rain is dampening things a little, but there will be a lot of cars, over 60 cars, so it'll be quite a race."

Spencer reminisced about growing up as a spectator and now having the privilege to be a participant. 

"Well, I grew up coming to the 250, watching racing, and to be a part of it is great," he said. "I've been racing for a long time, so the 50th anniversary is special. To think of all the guys who have won and competed in the race, it's a really special thing."

The Oxford 250 attracts a diverse range of drivers, spanning from 19 to 70 years old, all vying for the chance to compete in Sunday's 250-mile race. 

Among them is Kate Re, the youngest driver in this year's competition. Re shares her journey, which began with her family's leisurely Sunday golf cart rides. Now, 11 years later, she's preparing for her third Oxford 250 appearance.

"So far, I'm not nervous, but come qualifying time I will be, but I'm pretty excited," she said. 

The stakes are high, as up to 20 cars will be eliminated throughout the weekend, leaving the best contenders for the final round. 

The duration of the race itself is uncertain, with estimates ranging from an hour and a half to four hours, promising an electrifying display of skill and determination.

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