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Celebrate Maine's 200th birthday

The Maine Bicentennial Commission, cultural organizations, schools, communities, and more are putting on bicentennial events across the state through March.

MAINE, USA — On March 15, 1820, Maine officially became the 23rd state in the U.S. The Maine Bicentennial Commission is sponsoring a few major events, but there are dozens of events across the state happening through March to celebrate.

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Events have been happening across Maine since January, but don’t worry there’s plenty ahead: hikes, animal tracking, art and history exhibits, Maine cinema history, live concerts, and more.

The major events are:

  • Postponed to a later date due to coronavirus precautions: Statehood Day: March 15, 1 p.m, Augusta Armory
  • Bicentennial Parade: May 16, 10 a.m., in Auburn and Lewiston
  • Sailing Ships Festival: June 21-July 20, up and down the coast (Bangor, Belfast, Boothbay Harbor, Bucksport, Castine, Portland, Rockland, and Seaport)
  • Time Capsule Sealing: Oct. 10, time TDB, Maine State Library in Augusta

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Here are some other highlights:

For a complete list of bicentennial events, click here.

We want to see how you enjoy the celebrations. Share your photos with us on social media with #MaineTurns200. 

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