A stonemason from Bucksport made the deal of his life, racking in a whopping $110,000 all in one night. 

David Leeman appeared on an episode of Deal or No Deal that aired Wednesday, Dec. 19, on CNBC. 

Leeman not only made a great deal with 'the banker' of $100,000 alongside host Howie Mandel, he also took a $10,000 challenge to shave his decades-old beard and won an engagement ring for his wife who lost hers years ago.

The father of three says his children have never even seen him without a beard and deciding to shave it on national television was really hard. 

“I have been working on this beard for 19 years.” 

What is he going to do with all the dough? Leeman says he plans to use the money to give his wife her dream wedding.

"We eloped 18 years ago and had a sweet, little wedding but I always wanted to give her a big dream wedding," Leeman said. 

The couple who are both born and raised Mainers say they plan on having their Deal or No Deal dream wedding in the Pine Tree State.