PORTLAND, Maine — If you've ever called to complain about bad roads or a pothole in Portland, you've probably spoken to Maynard Sprague.

Sprague has worked at Portland Public Works for more than four decades.

But this week, the man who fellow employees turn to when they have a question or concern is saying goodbye. 

Sprague has worked at Portland Public Works for more than half of his life.

"A lot has changed from my days at 82 Hanover Street. All it was, was one little garage."

Sprague is a senior dispatcher. He communicated with crews all over the city.

"You've got your rubbish crews, your water resource crews, street crews -- then you're dealing with the Portland water district, the gas company."

And the public.

"You get some people that are real upset, people saying, 'Taxes, taxes -- what do you people do? You're always leaning on shovels.'"

Regardless, Sprague loves the work.

"I love it. I love communicating with public and my peers."

But after 41 years at Portland Public Works, Sprague is retiring. 

"Yes, I will miss it."

People at Portland Public Works will miss Maynard, particularly Ed Aceto who has dispatched next to Sprague for more than a decade.

"The guys are great to work with, especially Maynard. Maynard and I have great relationships with all the guys," says Aceto.

Don Noyes, a supervisor at Portland Public Works, says Maynard is a great person and really helpful.

"He trained me in dispatch last winter and has been a big help since I was promoted to supervisor. He's helped everyone here," Noyes says.

Noyes went on to say if there's something you don't know, but need to, you call Maynard.

"There's nothing he hasn't seen here in his years,he's seen it all at least twice. Big shoes to fill -- it won't be the same without him."

Maynard knows he'll miss the job, but he's ready for the next adventure. 

He's looking forward to fishing, working at his camp, and spending time with his wife and 15 grandchildren.

"Right now," Sprague said laughing, "I have a big honey to do list!"