NEWS CENTER Maine — Your Maine Connection
One place… One name.
NEWS CENTER Maine — Your Maine Connection
Author: NEWS CENTER Maine
Published: 12:42 PM EST March 7, 2018
Updated: 11:44 AM EST February 10, 2020
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NEWS CENTER Maine — Your Maine Connection

Chapter 1

One place, One name.

Maine is a big state. In fact, it's larger than all the other New England states combined. But with just over a million of us living here, we're all pretty much neighbors.

For decades, WCSH 6 and WLBZ 2 have been the only local television organizations in the state to connect with ALL of Maine. We are more than television. More than a newsroom. More than a place to advertise. We provide content to you when and where you need, on the platforms you want. We offer valuable marketing opportunities to businesses. And most of all, we advocate for our community.

Our digital, social and streaming platforms are continuously growing, expanding and reaching more people every day. It gives us the chance to connect the dots for Mainers and support our community.

So now, more than ever, it makes sense for us to call ourselves what we've always been…

Chapter 2


Make Mainers' lives better.

Through in-depth storytelling, through direct contact on digital on social platforms, through long-standing community service programs like Coats & Toys for Kids, Project Heat and Buddy to Buddy, NEWS CENTER Maine is dedicated to keeping Mainers connected. We can't do it alone, though. Only by listening and interacting with YOU can we continue to connect ALL Mainers.

Chapter 3


Here are the ways you can connect with us:

///// GENERAL /////

PORTLAND PHONE: (207) 828-6666

BANGOR PHONE: (207) 942-4821

EMAIL: desk@newscentermaine.com


///// BY DEPARTMENT /////

» Technical Issues

If you have a question or are experiencing a technical issue with NEWS CENTER Maine on TV or NEWSCENTERMaine.com, please email us at TechnicalIssues@NEWSCENTERmaine.com

» 207

To contact our local lifestyle and entertainment magazine show 207, send an email to 207@newscentermaine.com

» Advertising

For more information about advertising on NEWS CENTER Maine, send an email to advertising@newscentermaine.com

» Bill Green's Maine

To contact our weekly outdoors and human interest show Bill Green's Maine, send an email to billgreensmaine@newscentermaine.com

» Closed Captioning

If you are having a problem with closed captioning, which displays the audio portion of our broadcast as text on your TV screen, send an email to closedcaptioning@newscentermaine.com

» Community Relations

To contact Community Relations, send an email to communityrelations@newscentermaine.com

» Contests

To contact us about our contests, send an email to contests@newscentermaine.com

» NEWS CENTER Assignment Desk

To contact the Assignment Desk at NEWS CENTER Maine, send an email to desk@newscentermaine.com

» NEWS CENTER Maine's The Morning Report

To contact The Morning Report, send an email to morningreport@newscentermaine.com

» NEWS CENTER Voice of the Voter

To send a question to our Voice of the Voter production staff, send an email to voiceofthevoter@newscentermaine.com

» News Director

To contact the News Director, send an email to newsdirector@newscentermaine.com

» News tip

Some of the best stories come from our viewers. To send a news tip, email desk@newscentermaine.com

» Programming

To contact the Programming Department, send an email to programming@newscentermaine.com

» Sports

To contact the Sports Department, send an email to sports@newscentermaine.com

» Weather

To contact an individual member of the NEWS CENTER Maine Weather team, send an email to Todd Gutner, Keith Carson, Jessica Conley, Ryan Breton or Mike Slifer; or email the team collectively

» Website/Digital Department

To contact the Digital Department, send an email to digitalteam@newscentermaine.com

WCSH 6 Address and Telephone

U.S. Mail:


One Congress Sq

Portland, ME 04101


(207) 828-6666

(800) 464-1213

WLBZ 2 Address and Telephone

U.S. Mail:


329 Mount Hope Ave

Bangor, ME 04401


(207) 942-4821

(800) 244-6306

Chapter 4

Meet The Team

Bios for all NEWS CENTER Maine On Air Staff

► NEWS CENTER Maine | Meet the Team

Chapter 5

Where and how to find NEWS CENTER Maine

Digital and Social


Wherever you are in the state, Your Maine Connection is available just about anywhere.

NEWS CENTER Maine on the web

► NEWS CENTER Maine app for iOS and Android

(***IMPORTANT*** - If you already have the WCSH 6 app, you need to get the latest update from the App Store or Google Play. If you have the WLBZ 2 app, you will need to download the new NEWS CENTER Maine app from the App Store or Google Play.)






Are you looking at cutting the cord? Maybe you have heard of over-the-top or OTT streaming services like Roku, Hulu or YouTube TV? NEWS CENTER Maine is committed to bringing content where you want it, and that includes OTT. Here is how you can find us:

ROKU - If you own any version of ROKU, you can find NEWS CENTER Maine in the app store. Search WCSH or WLBZ, and you'll find the NEWS CENTER Maine app. The app provides all of our LIVE NEWS CENTER Maine broadcasts: MORNING REPORT, NEWS CENTER Maine at Noon, NEWS CENTER NOW, NEWS CENTER Maine at 530, NEWS CENTER Maine at 6 and NEWS CENTER Maine at 11. The shows are identical to what you get from your antenna or on cable. In addition to our LIVE broadcasts, you will also have access to our most watched videos.

HULU - Hulu's new LIVE TV feature brings you NEWS CENTER Maine programming 24/7. Now, all versions of Hulu are not the same, so you will need to check your version to see if LIVE TV is available. If it is, finding NEWS CENTER Maine programming is a breeze. Let's say you’re a fan of the MORNING REPORT, simply search WCSH or WLBZ MORNING REPORT and voila, there you have us. You can save, record and rewatch with Hulu's DVR feature. All in the cloud. So even if you cut the cord, you can still find all of your favorite Maine News and NBC programming with NEWS CENTER Maine.

YouTube TV - YouTube TV is the latest addition to the OTT space and Portland is lucky enough to be one of the first cities with this service. Now, same as the other OTT services, not every device has the same experience. For YouTube TV, the interface on smart TVs, the iPad app, and streamed version through Apple TV are extremely similar. YouTube TV is very consumer friendly and easy to use. Finding NEWS CENTER Maine, just go to the LIVE tab and scroll to NEWS CENTER. With YouTube TV's Unlimited Cloud DVR, you can save all of your favorite Maine News and NBC programming, all in one place.

Chapter 6

PORTRAITS | Your Maine Connection

NEWS CENTER MAINE PORTRAITS is a series created to spotlight what it means to be a "Mainer." See how those profiled connect to the state we call home.

Meet Mary Kearns. Mary has found many outlets for her art, including henna tattoos for Maine cancer patients. Share her story to celebrate our Maine connections!

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Meet Kevin Stone. Kevin is what you would call an avid outdoorsman. He loves being all alone, on any Maine body of water fishing, or hiking in the woods with his wife and young daughter. Maine is in Kevin's blood.

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