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How to use the 'Near Me' and 'Share with Us' features on the NEWS CENTER Maine app

NEWS CENTER Maine's 'Near Me' and 'Share with Us' features allow you to concentrate your news on the area you live, as well as share your photos and videos with us.

MAINE, USA — It's never been easier to share photos and videos with NEWS CENTER Maine, or to see what's happening in your neighborhood. 

NEWS CENTER Maine has launched a new tool on its mobile app that lets you share Maine's beauty with us and also allows you to find curated news that's relevant to your area. 

It's easy—here's how it works. 

  1. Open the NEWS CENTER Maine app on your smartphone
  2. On the bottom right, you'll see a button called 'Near Me'—click it
  3. A map will pop up, zoom in or out to find photos, videos, and stories from around Maine

A black pin means it's from NEWS CENTER Maine, and an orange pin means it's someone shared by the community, like you! Red pins indicate breaking news.

You can even search for a specific location using the search bar at the bottom. For example, if you type in Augusta, it will automatically take you to photos and stories from that area.

Credit: NCM

To share content with us:

  1. Click the orange button in the top left part of the screen that says "Share with Us"
  2. Upload your photo or video directly from your device
  3. Fill out the fields: give it a title, a credit, your email, and tell us where it was taken
  4. It will then be reviewed and approved by NEWS CENTER Maine

The photos and videos will show up on the map and could even possibly be included in our newscasts and other places like our daily newsletter and photo galleries, like this one: