Monument for trooper restored and relocated

After a new road and bridge are constructed, a monument for a trooper who died in the line of duty in 1980 is taken out of plain sight. Now, the community has rallied together to give the monument a new prominent display.

PALMYRA (NEWS CENTER Maine) - When Main Street and the Thomas Merry Memorial Bridge in Palmyra underwent reconstruction, the monument to Trooper Thomas Merry was taken out of plain sight.

Trooper Thomas Merry died in the line of duty in 1980 while involved in a car chase.

Now, the monument has been restored and relocated to a prominent position beside the bridge. Town officials say the initiative was spurred, in part, by the death of Corporal Eugene Cole.

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Town Selectman, Mike Cray, says "We needed to get this up here to get Tom recognized. Corporal Cole's death this spring really brought that to the surface again, showing that we need to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice."

The restored monument now flanks the Thomas Merry Memorial bridge. The bridge also got an update: new signs to honor its namesake.

The cost of restoring and relocating the Thomas Merry monument was entirely funded by community donations.

On Saturday, September 15, local officials will host a formal rededication of the monument that is open to the public.