MAINE, USA — Mother's Day is coming up, and finding the perfect gift for Mom can be very stressful. Gardening with Gutner headed to South Paris, Maine, to visit Young's Greenhouse, where owner Katherine Young shared some great gift ideas for the mom who gardens. 

"We always suggest hangers, because you can bring them in if it's going to be too cold," the greenhouse owner Katherine Young said after showing off a beautiful, full purple wave petunia hanging plant. "A wave petunia can take a pretty good frost. They do great in this time of the season." 

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The University of Maine has a complete graph showing the average dates of last spring and first fall frosts.  

Young explained wave petunias will last all summer but need weekly fertilizer and the occasional cutting back because they grow so big. 

Because Mother's Day is still early in the planting season, Young recommends shrubs, violas, pansies, and perennials. 

"If we get a bad frost, it might nip that, but the plant itself will be fine," Young explained about perennials. 

While plants are always a perfect gift, there's so much more to choose from. Katherine suggested plant decorations like mushrooms that wiggle back and forth, planters, and houseplants for a splash of color around the home. If you have houseplants you will need a watering can and there were several cute models to choose from. Garden stakes always add beautiful movement and color to the garden and some even have a rain gauge for the wannabe meteorologist.

Workshops are a great way for Mom to learn more about gardening. Katherine listed all the different workshops that Young's has to offer which include Fairy Garden and Succulent sessions.

"One that I'm really excited about is our herb garden workshop," the greenhouse owner divulged. "We have a complimentary tasting for that. So Young's Girls Farm will be serving up some burgers with it. They get to taste some of what they come home with, with the herbs."

A Young Girls Farm is owned by the Young Family and sells beef raised and processed humanely. 

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To sign up for a workshop click HERE

On May 13, the Saturday before Mother's Day, Young's Greenhouse is going to have a free photoshoot for moms with their children and includes a free rose. 

So, don't stress. Head to your local greenhouse where there are lots of choices for the perfect gift for the mom in your life. 

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