LEVANT, Maine — NEWS CENTER Maine has expanded its audience. 

Turns out, a deer in Levant was enjoying watching Pat Callaghan at noon Monday. The deer let itself into Brad Gillis' home and caught up on what's happening in Maine.

Before Gillis got the deer out, he snapped a few photos and shared them with us.

"Just before hunting season, I'm standing in my garage and I turn around and he's standing four feet from me and he comes up and sniffs me,” Gillis said. "I come in and got Paula, my girlfriend, and said, 'you'll never guess what's in the garage,' and we went out and he came right up to us. He has been ever since.”

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"We feed him carrots two to four times a week. He loves carrots and today, this morning, she was giving him a couple of raspberries to see if he liked them. She turned around to grab a couple more and he just come right in the house," said Gillis.

Credit: Brad Gillis

Gillis said the deer only stayed inside for a few minutes. 

Maine Game Warden Nick Johnson recommends keeping wild animals in the wild and said to always think about what you are feeding them. Especially if you are near a road, to keep the animals and the public safe.

Credit: Brad Gillis