Most Mainers recognize the iconic music of STORM CENTER; for more than two decades the staccato beat has signaled to children that school is canceled, to parents that the commute will be a tough one and to all Mainers that snow is coming down in droves.

Through the years, some of the faces of STORM CENTER have changed, while many have either stayed the same or even returned after a brief hiatus elsewhere.

Don Carrigan has been reporting from his kitchen table with his beloved cats even before the technology was very sound.

Veterans like Chris Rose, Chris Facchini, Pat Callaghan, Cindy Williams, and Rob Caldwell have become trusted faces that have reported on more storms than they can count.

Lee Nelson and Sharon Rose get up early everyday anyway but when there is a storm, they rise even earlier. (Poor things!)

Our weather team stays in the studio late, tracking storms and keeping the news room up-to-speed on the storms.

When most of Maine shuts down, working from home or staying in their pajamas all day, NEWS CENTER's team gets to work. No matter the conditions we have to work usually longer hours than normal but we love doing it, being able to keep Mainers in the know.

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