JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (NEWS CENTER) — The Southside neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida, heeded flood warnings Monday afternoon as the St. Johns River over flood into neighborhoods.

Hurricane Irma was downgraded to a tropical storm as she passed through northern Florida. Winds and heavy rain downed trees and power lines causing thousands to lose power. Evelyn Jacobson had a tree come down on her car, just feet from her home.

"A really large crash and I thought it might have been something right there, but it came from back there," said Jacobson while pointing out the damage.

Afternoon high tide caused surge effects and flooding in and around Jacksonville. The St. Johns River overflowed into several neighborhoods. Brian Frus decided to use his kayak to help neighbors get out of their homes and to dry land.

"This morning we had a couple people that were moving sand bags to their homes," Frus said. "We just sent them off with the kayak while we were moving stuff inside the house. Always it's a community, you come together as much as you can."

Minutes after Frus packed up his own belongings into his father's car, strong winds brought a tree down directly onto their hood. Home flooded by surge, vehicle trapped under a car, but still they managed to have a positive perspective after Hurricane Irma.

"We're all alright," he said.