PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The deadline to move cars out of overflow parking in Portland had drivers rushing to dig out of the snow.

Drivers who usually park on the street were ordered to find other accommodations on Tuesday night to leave roads clear for snow removal following a major snowstorm. Several designated lots were made available to them, but anyone parking on school property was told they must vacate the lot by 6:30 a.m.- a half hour earlier than most of Portland's overflow lots.

In the minutes before the deadline, the lot at King Middle School looked like a construction site with so many shovels being put to work. Many people recalled February's snow storm that called for them to keep their cars put in the lots for two days. However, by the time they went to dig them out, vehicle owners were now shoveling and moving 48 hours of snow off their cars. This memory prompted drivers to show up early on Wednesday morning to start the process.

The clean up was even more grueling for drivers who lacked the proper equipment. As NEWS CENTER's Katie Bavoso observed, a scraper is fine for cleaning a windshield, but it's not the most efficient tool for freeing up tires that are buried up to the wheel well.