KENNEBUNK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - First responders and officials in Maine’s coastal communities are keeping a close watch on Hurricane Jose as it makes its way up the East Coast.

It could bring strong winds, high seas and heavy rain to the area. In Wells and Kennebunk, town leaders have already taken some steps in preparation for the storm, as they continue to receive weather updates while keeping in touch with the York County Emergency Management Agency.

In these coastal communities, first responders are well aware of the trouble spots when rough weather hits. In Kennebunk it’s the stretch of roadway just around the corner from Gooch’s Beach.

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“There could be anywhere from a foot and a foot and a half of water on this road here and everyone loves to come down and see a rough surf, but it’s very dangerous because you can swamp your car out", said Fire Chief Jeff Rowe.

Rowe says he’ll have crews down there an hour before, until an hour after, the high tides to monitor the situation. In the meantime public work crews were busy removing life guard stands, stairs and ramps, and portable restrooms. Anything that could go flying in strong winds or be carried away by rough seas.

Down the coast in Wells the concerns are the same.

“Our streets in some areas do flood with this sort of surge and astronomical high tides. We expect some of the roads will get flooded”, said Town Manager Jonathan Carter.

Crews were just about to start work on replacing sections of the deteriorating sea wall on Webhannet Drive, which protects the roadway and homes across the street. It required removing some of it, but that will be put off for now.

"Certainly when you take that out, there is no protection against the wave action, so we will hold off”, Carter said.

Leaders in both communities will keep up on the latest developments with Jose through the night and gather again tomorrow to determine what, if any, additional steps to take.

“We have a division directors meeting tomorrow. We’ll talk more about what we need to do, are we prepared, probably discuss sheltering a little bit”, said Rowe

In both communities the concern will be with the high tides tomorrow which occur just before noon and midnight.