OGUNQUIT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The day after a powerful snowstorm plowed through Maine, people continued to wait for their power to be restored.

Residents on Shore Road in Ogunquit woke to find an absolute mess, with several large trees blocking the roadway.

Brian Aromando said that during the course of a few hours Tuesday, one giant tree after another came crashing down.

“It was impressive. Wind was probably blowing 40-50 knots, wind tunnel coming through the cove — the point stops right there, so we were getting hammered," he said, pointing over to Perkins Cove.

The story was the same in neighboring York, where more than 7,000 people lost power.

“We’re getting a lot of reports of trees and wires down," said Greg Thompson of Central Maine Power (CMP). "The broken poles seem to be at a minimum and that’s good, those are the biggest time consumers."

That prompted CMP to come together with tree crews and the county emergency management agency in setting up a command post in the local Hannaford parking lot. It allowed them to effectively work together in attacking the outages.

“Really gets people on the ground, boots on the ground and equipment on the ground, as soon as possible,” Thompson said.

If all work goes smoothly, Thompson expects power to be restored for most people in the area by midnight Wednesday.