We've been living on easy street for a while now but the end is near. A strong cold front will sweep through on Sunday and temps will come crashing down. Much of Thanksgiving week appears colder than normal and snow may be in the air.

Behind Sunday's cold front, strong northwest winds will travel up and over the mountains of New England. A decent upslope snow event will occur Sunday through Tuesday, dropping several inches on the peaks, helping ski resorts open up for the season.

There's a small chance for a thin coating of snow early next week, but most of the snow accumulation will happen in the mountains of New England.

The other snow chance will come from a potentially larger late week storm. Models have been hinting at the Thanksgiving / Black Friday timeframe for possible coastal storm development. I'm a little skeptical at the depth of the cold air but if things line up right there may be snow flying in New England late next week. Obviously, with the holiday this could have significant travel implications. Stay tuned...

Decent odds for a coastal low to form around Thanksgiving and it may be just cold enough for snow. (Courtesy: tropicaltidbits.com)

Have a great weekend.

Todd Gutner - https://twitter.com/ToddWCSH