The blizzard is over and clean up is underway. Snow amounts were impressive and eclipsed a foot and in some place over a foot and a half fell.

Seasonal snow totals have jumped way up following this storm. The numbers show this season has easily outperformed and outpaced not only last year but the seasonal average too.

Now, usually after a March snowstorm, the snow melts away very quickly. Not this time. The pattern will stay quite cold for the next couple of weeks

Not only will it be cold, but I don't think we are done with the snow either. An active jetstream will offer up several more snow chances with the first arriving this weekend.

A shortwave will dive down from Canada, Phasing will occur, which is time sensitive. If the phase happens soon enough, it can spin up a surface low close to the coastline, dropping several inches of snow. If it happens late in the game, the low may just graze us or even swirl harmlessly out to sea. It's still too early to say, but even with a direct hit, this storm wouldn't hold a candle to the one that just passed.Todd Gutner -