The vernal equinox, a.k.a. spring, arrives this morning at 6:28, but we all know that just because the celestials say winter is over doesn't mean it really is.

While these next couple of days will be mild, in typical spring fashion, temperatures will swing up and down this week.

The first big plummet will grab your attention on Wednesday as an arctic front passes through in the morning. Along it, there's a pretty good chance of snow showers and snow squalls. There may even be a period of steadier snow, especially for Eastern and Northern Maine, as an area of low pressure swirls up along the front and scoots east. From it, some minor accumulations can be expected...perhaps 1-3" for Eastern and Northern areas.

Temperatures behind the front will be near record cold levels. The mini-max for Portland on Wednesday is 28 and for Bangor it's 25. While temps will be very close to those values Wednesday afternoon, my hunch is that a record won't be set because around midnight it will still be in the 30s.

Milder air will flow back north Friday and Saturday as the cold temporarily retreats. By later Saturday, though, the cold will be returning. Another cold front will slide through leading to a large temperature drop from the 40s on Saturday to the 30s on Sunday.

Courtesy: WSI

Big temp contrasts like that usually are breeding grounds for storms. Models have been hinting at one for next weekend. However, for a large storm to impact us, I'd like to see a more favorable upper level and mid level pattern with phasing between the southern and northern streams. It's still early in the game, we'll see if the storm signal becomes stronger in the coming days, but right now I'm not impressed.

Todd Gutner -