Maybe it's all the leftovers that feel like a bowling ball is lodged in my belly or maybe it's the seemingly never-ending gloomy weather, but I'm really sluggish today. I just can't seem to muster up any energy. It's probably the latter because I'm really craving some sunshine right now.

Sadly, we won't see much this weekend. A storm system will pivot around Maine throwing rain and snow into mostly Northern and Eastern Maine through tomorrow morning. Northern communities will pick up several more inches of snow with just a couple of additional inches in the mountains.

It's looking like New England will be in the storm track again next week too. There will be a really nice battle between warm southern air and cold northern air, and storms love a good temperature contrast.

The first storm will be a small one, Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Low-level cold will be tough to dislodge so precipitation may start as and icy mix before going over to plain rain. The mountains may pick up a few inches of snow on the front end too.


The second storm looks to roll through Thursday and Friday. I don't want to get skiers hopes up but there's some decent potential for a solid thumping of snow in mountains. The coast will probably be wet, but there's a small chance for snow there too.


Stay with us here at NEWSCENTER during this active pattern...we'll keep you in the loop. Have a nice weekend.

Todd Gutner -