The first truly hot day of the year is upon us and new record highs will likely be set.

We've been warm-sectored allowing temps to soar. 850mb temps are modeled to reach +18C this afternoon, under perfect conditions that would result in mid 90s for highs. I'm thinking we will have nearly perfect conditions...WSW wind, lots of sun, relatively dry air. The only thing holding me back from going all in is that wicked cold ocean this time of year. Regardless, I'm thinking many see 90 this afternoon.

A southwest breeze will accompany the heat, and it should be just enough to keep the air moving and keep it from being totally oppressive. Hopefully, it will be strong enough to keep the biting black flies away they are awful right now!

If you're not a fan of the heat, don't fret. Cooler air will work in behind a coldfront tomorrow and the weekend will be sunny and coolish, in the 60s.

Stay cool friends.Todd Gutner -