Over the last week we've seen several bouts of snow up north and a nice little snowpack is trying to establish itself as we start the Winter season.

The pattern will stay active and the storm track will remain over the Northeast this week. I'm eyeing two systems. The first storm will arrive tomorrow morning. A little bit of cold will be hanging around as the precip arrives but warm air will win out quickly and rain will prevail. There may be some slippery spots as the first drops fall. In the mountains, a quick thump of snow followed by a flip to mix or rain. Northern Maine communities have a very good chance to stay all snow. In fact, up to 6 inches of snow will fall across the far north.

We'll only have a small window to recover before the next storm system arrives Wednesday afternoon. This one too will have a mix of rain and snow. Most areas will see rain out of this one too. The greatest snow potential will again be across the Crown of Maine with a couple of inches in the mountains before a change to rain occurs.

Over the next two weeks odds favor temperatures near or below normal. Thus, I'd assume that we keep that solid base in the mountains and north growing. While it'll be tougher to get snow along the coast, there will be a couple of chances.

(COURTESY: tropicaltidbits.com)

Todd Gutner - https://twitter.com/ToddWCSH