When it comes to weather I'm of the mindset that everything has a place and a time. Or as Radiohead would put it, "Everything in its Right Place":

Radiohead - Everything in its Right Place from Cybertwigs on Vimeo.

Point is, I'm a weather weenie and a skier, so I love a good snow storm. But I also appreciate putting on deodorant 8 times a day in late July. Everything in its right place.

But late November/ early December is a bit of a shoulder season here in Maine. Skiers want to get skiing, the Christmas obsessed want "mood snow" and some of us just want to delay snow boot season as long as possible.

With the second storm in 24 hours, everyone will be happy somewhere...just depends where you live.


The outer bands of the system are sliding into southern Maine right now but a lot of it is falling as rain as temperatures hover in the low 40s. That trend will continue through the night when much of the states population deals with cold rain again. There WILL be snow however, and where it stays cold enough it will absolutely thump.

Here is 2 AM Thursday morning:

You can see the rain/snow line has pushed pretty far north, but right where the rain overruns the warm front it will be coming down at 1-1.5 inches an hour.


By tomorrow morning the radar will look roughly like this

Once again the rain/snow line is pinned towards Greenvile, with cold rain to the south.

My Total Snowfall Map:

Where it remains rain there could be 1 to 1.5" total precipitation which will put YET another dent in our previously dire drought situation. (I had a feeling fall would get us out of this drought, so far that's been true).

The pattern will simmer down by Friday with a few mountain snow showers and generally nice along the coastline.

The weekend will be bright but definitely cold. If all that sunshine has you too happy, just reach for the Radiohead.

Carson Out.