Apple crisp, pumpkin spice and leaf peeping...things you think about in September. Not, air conditioning, the beach and ice cream. This has been a strange month, a very warm month. We've had a number of record highs recently, leading to a run at the warmest September on record in Maine.

Chilly air aloft will only yield 60s for highs over the weekend.

Currently, both Portland and Bangor stand in the two spot for warmest on record. I also found it interesting to see how many have come recently in Portland. I told you September is a great month!

Mornings over the weekend will be chilly.  30s will be common and frost will be possible.

This pattern will soon break down. A coldfront is creeping east and will arrive Thursday morning with a big temp drop for the weekend. Cool, crisp Autumn air will refresh us. If you are still harvesting veggies from the garden, frost will be possible in the mornings.

If you're thinking it's all downhill from there and snowflakes will be flying before you know it, think again. It appears that the overall pattern will return to mild for the first couple of weeks of October.

Todd Gutner -