It seems we've been living on easy street ever since the big wind storm back around Halloween. Storm-free and relatively mild conditions have been the rule of thumb. In fact, much of Maine has received very little snow so far this season. While that isn't so alarming for coastal towns, it is for northern ones where the landscape should be totally white by now.

Our next storm will be moving in tomorrow, but like many this season, there will be very little if any snow associated with it. Rain will break out tomorrow afternoon and continue through mid Wednesday. As it ends there's a chance the drops flip to wet flakes up north, but very little accumulation is expected, no more than a couple of inches.

This storm will play a more significant role. It will induce a big pattern adjustment. The jetstream will reconfigure and dig deep into the SE US where it will be able to tap moisture and guide it north up the Eastern Seaboard. That trough will allow cold air to thoroughly consume the Eastern US. The deep cold airmass will clash with the warmer air over the Gulf Stream creating a breeding ground for storms.

Several storms will spin up, their proximity to the coast will be critical and dictate how much if any snow we see through the weekend. It appears Saturday will provide the highest accumulating snow chance. More as we get closer...

Todd Gutner