Jose is about 300 miles south of Massachusetts and is still a Category 1 hurricane, but only minor problems are expected from Jose here in Maine.

As Jose gets closer, a few outer showers will spin up from the south Tuesday afternoon and steadier rain bands will overspread the area by evening and Wednesday. Although it will be wet, the core of Jose will stay well south us keeping rain amounts below an inch. Winds will increase out of the northeast, and gust to about 30 mph, but not strong enough to cause damage or power outages.

Our biggest concern remains along the coast for rip currents, beach erosion and minor flooding. Some of the swell out in the Gulf of Maine may reach 15 feet, our beaches could see 5-10 footers. Please be cautious if heading to the beach to gawk at the surf...stay back and off the rocks over the next few days.

Maria is another beast. Fluctuating between Cat 4 and Cat 5, Maria looks like it's going to devastate St. Croix, Vieques and Puerto Rico Tuesday night and Wednesday. In the long term, while Maria will need to be watched closely for an East Coast threat, it will most likely spin away from North America and out to sea next week.

So, six hours back from a luxurious vacation to Greece, Carson didn't waste any time resuming his snarky ways, suggesting that I fake-bake because I'm more tan than he is. Here's a little secret about Carson, he's "southern soft." He'll only go to a Maine beach if it's 87 degrees, a slight breeze, 9/10th sunny, no seaweed, no greenheads and no seagulls. And he'll only wade in above his calf implants if he has a wetsuit on. I, on the other hand, think September is still a beach month and happen to find the water beautiful this time of year.

With that said, check out the extended forecast. I hope you didn't pull the AC units from the windows yet, it's looking like you'll need them again as temps rise into the 80s over the weekend and early next week especially away from the coast. Regardless, it certainly qualifies as beach weather for me! I'll see you there, just don't expect to see Carson.


Todd Gutner -