Two weeks ago, the drought was "Extreme" through most of Southern Maine. Wells were running dry and water reserves were stressed to the max.

The seasonal change couldn't have come at a better time as phasing of the jetstreams has led to more powerful storm systems. Since late October we've had two large rain events. The first on October 21st & 22nd, dropped a whopping 4.27" of rain in Portland. The second, on October 27th, 28th & 29th, dropped another 2.84" of rain. In all, 7.16" of rain has fallen over drought stricken Southern Maine since the middle of October nearly doubling the measly 4.46" that fell in July, August and September combined! All of Maine is now out of the "extreme" drought category.

But wait, there's more, more rain that is. Another juicy storm system will pass through today with drenching rain. Not as much as the last couple of events but still respectable numbers that may provide us with another inch. This will surely ease drought issues even more.

November is my favorite month to get rain. Why, you ask? Because of this gem right here. Just remember, "nothing lasts for ever, even cold November rain." Guns N' Roses for life, baby...#GNR4Life.

You're welcome. -Todd