(NEWS CENTER) -- Mainers without personal passports could face trouble getting on airplanes in 2-years, unless the Legislature agrees to comply with the federal Real I-D law.

The law was passed more than ten years ago to catch terrorists and stop illegal immigrants from getting drivers licenses.

Maine did make some license changes because of the law, but was given a waiver from the other requirements.

And the Legislature passed a law preventing any more changes.

But now the federal government is ending the waiver.

If the state does not comply with Real I-D by January of 2018, Maine drivers licenses and I-D's won't be accepted at airports.

Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap says he will ask the Legislature if it wants to change the state law and comply with Real I-D -- but it will be difficult and costly.

"That's a huge undertaking both logistically and cost-wise, and legislators had profound concerns about who would be able to access that information, and whether it could be truly kept secure," said Secretary of State Matt Dunlap.