YARMOUTH. Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Biking across the country is a bucket list item for many Americans.
Some do it for sport, and some for a good cause. But one group of dads in Yarmouth just returned from a 2-month bike ride - which they took as a parenting opportunity.

"The best part were the things that we accomplished together as a group," said Jon Holloway, who organized the ride. "Going up the Big Horn mountains, and even simple things like a rainstorm."

One of the dads, Erich Bohrmann, even quit his job to make the two month ride. "You will have many jobs, but you only get one life," he said. "This is it. No reminds, no do overs."

The group traveled from Seattle all the way back to Yarmouth, over the course of two months. One family is from North Carolina, and the other two live in Maine.

The three dads - Jon Holloway, Erich Bohrmann, and Shawn Hunter - say they planned the trip as a unique way to teach life lessons to their teenagers. "There are things that my boys have to learn about themselves that I can't teach them," said Bohrmann. Hunter added, "kindness towards strangers, sense of curiosity, perseverance, tenacity...we are trying to set up a circumstance - an adventure - where they could learn all these things together."

Every new challenge and every interaction brought with it a lesson - one that the kids say they'll keep in their back pocket forever.

"I feel like it will help me through hard times because there were a lot of hard times on the trip and you just have to get over it," said 17-year-old Annie Holloway. "You have to know that not just physically but mentally hard things won't last forever."