BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – On Saturday, thousands of spectators gathered along the Kenduskeag Stream to watch the 51st annual Canoe Race.

Sunshine, a lawn chair, and good company is why many spectators said this event is always a hit.

Watching the racers wipeout has become a highlight and Lori Soohey knows the best spots to catch all the action.

“Year after year after year I used to bring my girls and now I'm bringing my girls and my grandkids,” she said.

It has become more than just a race, it has become a tradition for families to spend quality time together.

“For us as a family, this represents the first day of spring,” said Kyle Gallant. “So, we're just having fun with the family and having a good time watching some racing.”

However, winning is not the most important thing said Soohey.

“I don't think it matters. I've never been at the finish line; I don't even check the paper the next day to see who wins. It doesn't matter,” she said.

In her books, fond memories are what made this year's race another success.

The race concluded early Saturday afternoon and spectators are already excited for next year’s race.