BOSTON, Mass. (NEWS CENTER) -- Walking around Fenway Park on Opening Day you can sense the excitement amongst that fans that baseball is back. 

On Yawkey Way, vendors yell out to Red Sox nation about buying programs or hot sausages sizzling on the grill. 

Baseball fans will tell you that there's no day like Opening Day when it comes to the sport (unless of course your team wins the World Series). 

For Orono native and Red Sox third base coach Brian Butterfield, he almost had to miss Opening Day this season after getting his second knee replacement surgery during the offseason. 

Butterfield said that he felt he was a bit behind schedule since his surgery was performed a few months after the season came to a close, but the teams strength coach was able to get his back into shape and push him ahead of his rehab schedule so that he could be back in the coaches box along the third base line for the start of the new year.