(KING) -- A New England Patriots fan from Kent, Washington is being credited with leading authorities to Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jerseys.
Dylan Wagner, a sports memorabilia collector, says he made the discovery online while corresponding with a fellow collector.
Martin Mauricio Ortega, a former executive of a tabloid newspaper in Mexico City, is suspected of stealing the jerseys. 
Wagner says he met Ortega online last December through eBay while selling him another jersey.
"Ortega sent me 27 photos of his entire collection," Wagner said. "And front and center of his collection is the Tom Brady Super Bowl XLIX jersey. A red flag goes up like 'How did the Patriots allow this jersey to get to Mexico, of all places? Why isn't it in the Hall of Fame or the Patriots Hall of Fame or in Tom Brady's house?"
With no reports of that jersey being stolen, Wagner let it go but held on to Ortega's information.