ROCKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Helen Plourd has been playing golf in Maine for over six decades. She is a member of the Maine Golf Hall of Fame and has been a part of the Women's Maine State Golf Association for 64 years.

Plourd plays golf almost everyday. She began playing when she was a teenager, but when she was in high school there was only a boys golf team, so she was not allowed to compete.

"In my day the golf coach here at Rockland High School wanted me to be on the team," said Plourd. "But the Principals Association would have no dealing with it because I was a female."

The number of girls playing high school golf has doubled in the state of Maine over the last 15 years. Plourd has seen first-hand the sport grow across the state and is thrilled to see young women have opportunities that she did not get.

"I think it is way overdue that female sports have been kind of secondary to the boys," said Plourd. "Where is now equality is such an imperative thing for the girls sports."

A life long native of Rockland, as Plourd grew up she competed in tournaments and was an active member on the Women's Maine State Golf Association. She has held all of the positions in the administration over the years and has been a mentor, player, and champion.

Earlier in October it was announced that the Maine State Golf Association, the Southern Maine Women's Golf Association, and the Women's Maine State Golf Association will becoming one organization. As of January 1st, 2018 they will become the Maine State Golf Association under the United States Golf Association and will serve all golfers in the state.

As golf continues to expand across Maine, Plourd is excited to see girls participation in the high school sport grow.

"Thank goodness for Title IX because these girls are given the opportunity to play that I so wanted to do," said Plourd. "I can't tell you how happy I am that these girls can play with the boys and do as well as they have done."