(NEWS CENTER)-- Lauren Jakobs has certainly made the most of her 4 years at Lake Region High School. Jakobs is a 4 year varsity player in 3 sports, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. She is
ranked in the top 5 of her class, has been class President for 4 years, is in National Honor Society, Interact Club, Astra Club and Student Council. She has also done a trip to Guatemala as part of the Safe Passage Program and for the last 3 years she has done a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

"In the Dominican we have built bathrooms for a school that is poor we have helped finish a school this past spring, it's just really eye opening to be in a place with such poverty that is so poor that are so happy to see us and they are happy to just play with us and not need material things, not like people in America."

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