BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Mary Haney isn't your typical 10-year-old. On August 12th she came in first place in the Maine USATF Championship for shot put in the nine and 10-year-old division.

“One of my friends started doing it and we had a track and field day," said Haney. "And I tried the shot put and it was really fun.”

Haney started throwing shot put two years ago with Brewer Youth Track and Field. Adam Lufkin has been coaching her since she started the sport and has played a large role in her quest to a state title.

“Mary is funny she has a great sense of humor," said Lufkin. "She likes to give me a lot of back sass but she loves it. We have a good time. She is right into it and she is a joy to coach really."

Track season starts in June and runs to late August. The Brewer team competes against other youth programs from around the state before States in August.

Mary Haney has aspirations that extend far beyond the Brewer track program. She dreams to one day compete on the Olympic stage.

“I feel like I could do shot put for a long time," said Haney. "I want to go to the Olympics and I want to throw shot put.”