The Most Colorado Thing We Saw Today is in this photo, and it's certainly not 9NEWS reporter Noel Brennan.

Noel went to Gunnison for a story on Wednesday, and spotted this colossal snowman.

Look at the detail on that thing. Needless to say, we were impressed, so we threw the picture on the Next Facebook page, hoping someone knew the story.

Chris Luekenga did. He told us to get in touch with the people at the Spin A Christmas Tale shop on Main Street, so we called.

The owner is a guy named Wayne Castka, who built the snowman alone with nothing but his hands, a bucket and ladder. He makes the pieces of the face out of wood, and the scarf is an old blanket.

Wayne's wife told us he starts with a column of snow, and then he just keeps adding. She guesses this one took him about three days of work.

We thought he made the snowman because of the record snow in Gunnison this month, but this is a yearly tradition for Wayne. Last year, he started with a small snowman at the beginning of the season, and he ended up building an even bigger snowman around it. That guy ended up standing 23-feet-tall.

This year's snowman is 17-feet-tall, so far.

Wayne isn't an artist. He just likes building snowmen, his wife said.

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