WINTHROP, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A 17-year old from Winthrop accused of killing his parents was back in court today.

Andrew Balcer made an initial appearance on two murder charges this afternoon. Balcer was arrested after his parents were found dead inside their home on Halloween.

Balcer is accused of killing his mother Ali and his father Antonio inside the home they shared in Winthrop. Details of the killings remain under seal. The judge said he will release those documents to the public in 60-days. A denial to the two murder charges was entered on Balcer’s behalf.

"I think he clearly knows what’s going on and is working his way through a pretty difficult process for everybody. He’s only 17-years old, it’s a lot to manage all at once, but we got through today and as you saw it was pretty quick”, said Balcer's attorney Walter McKee.

For now the 17 –year old is being treated as a juvenile. As a juvenile the most he could serve is time at the Longcreek Juvenile Center until he turns 21. As an adult he could get 25-years to life in prison. The state is requesting that he be tried as an adult.

“Our position is the case should clearly be bound over given everything involved in the case, given his age, the facts and circumstances. That’s been our position from the very beginning”, said Bud Ellis, Assistant Attorney General.

Balcer will undergo a psychiatric evaluation in early December. He’s expected back in court in late January.