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Continuing Coverage | Anthony Sanborn Conviction Review
Author: Chris Rose, Vivien Leigh, Liam Nee
Published: 2:06 PM EST November 8, 2017

Anthony Sanborn is the first convicted murderer in Maine to be released on bail.

A hearing began Tuesday, Oct. 10, that he hopes will lead to him to remaining free.

Sanborn was convicted of the brutal murder of teenager Jessica Briggs down along the Portland waterfront in 1989. He was sentenced to serve 70-years in prison.

Below is NEWS CENTER's continuing coverage of the post-conviction review hearing of Anthony Sanborn:


Continuing Coverage | Anthony Sanborn Conviction Review

Chapter 1


Case charting new territory in Maine legal circles

The Anthony Sanborn case is charting new territory in Maine legal circles. The length of the hearing is just one of the many unusual aspects of this case.

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Chapter 2

DAY 14 - OCT. 27

Which witnesses are credible and which ones are not?

That will be an important decision for the judge deciding the Anthony Sanborn post-conviction review. Today a witness who previously placed Sanborn with Jessica Briggs on the night of the murder said she lied about that.

FULL STORY: Credibility of witnesses important factor in Anthony Sanborn hearing

Chapter 3

DAY 13 - OCT. 26

Defense puts witness on stand who claims police ignored him when he tried to report a threat against Briggs

VIDEO: Defense calls witness who says police ignored him

Chapter 4

DAY 12 - OCT. 25

Could information found in boxes inside a retired detective’s home have helped clear Sanborn of a murder charge?

For nearly two decades those boxes sat inside Daniels home. The defense claims notes and information in those boxes, that never made it into official reports, could have cleared Sanborn.

FULL STORY: Investigation reports and notes stored at detective's home focus of Sanborn hearing

Chapter 5

DAY 11 - OCT. 24

State’s attorney in hearing pieces together interviews, evidence gathered in case that led investigators to Sanborn

The defense claims police focused on Sanborn early on and did not look closely at other possible suspects. The state on Tuesday had its first opportunity to question the lead investigator in the Briggs murder investigation.

PT. 1 STORY: Former detective embarrassed to learn he took Sanborn reports home

PT. 2 STORY: State's attorney explores why investigators focused on Sanborn in Briggs murder

Chapter 6

DAY 10 - OCT. 23

Former FBI investigator takes the statnd to talk about original investigation

VIDEO: Expert takes stand in Sanborn review hearing

Chapter 7

DAY 9 - OCT. 20

Attorney who prosecuted Sanborn for the murder of Briggs takes the stand

Pam Ames is now a defense attorney. At the time of Sanborn’s trial in 1992 she worked for the Maine Attorney General’s office.

FULL STORY: Former prosecutor takes stand at Anthony Sanborn hearing

Chapter 8

DAY 8 - OCT. 19

Voices begin to rise as Sanborn's attorney wraps up her questioning

Justice Joyce Wheeler had to intervene at one point telling the two sides not to get into arguments.

FULL STORY: Things get heated in Anthony Sanborn hearing

Chapter 9


What exactly is a post-conviction review hearing?

NEW CENTER's Chris Rose explains what a post-conviction review hearing is and what the potential outcomes could be during an episode of NEWSCENTERnow at 4 p.m.

Chapter 10

DAY 7 - OCT. 18

Testimony focuses on other possible suspects in the murder of Briggs

Retired Portland Detective James Daniels was asked about questioning a man named Karl Gee about the Briggs’ murder. Gee told Daniels he spoke with a man named David who told him he witnessed a man named Butch kill Briggs.

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Chapter 11

DAY 6 - OCT. 17

Second key witness recants testimony that helped convict a man who was jailed for 27 years

Glenn Brown said Tuesday he lied when he testified he saw Tony Sanborn with a knife and looking for 16-year-old victim Jessica Briggs the night before the killing.

FULL STORY: Second key witness recants testimony in Sanborn hearing

Chapter 12

DAY 5 - OCT. 16

Repeated arguments between lawyers as Sanborn review hearing begins its second week

In court Monday, for the second day, Sanborn’s attorney Amy Fairfield questioned retired Portland police detective Daniel Young.

FULL STORY: Sanborn's lawyer says important evidence was 'suppressed'

Chapter 13

DAY 4 - OCT. 13

Fourth and final day of the review hearing's first week

An investigator who took statements from witnesses in the Jessica Briggs' murder case spent Friday morning on the stand in Cumberland County District Court.

FULL STORY: Detective testifies at Sanborn conviction review hearing

Chapter 14

DAY 3 - OCT. 12

Lead investigators in Briggs’ murder case spend another full day on witness stand

Sanborn’s attorney on Thursday focused on witnesses in Sanborn’s original trial, including Hope Cady. She was the state’s key witness who testified she saw Sanborn stab Briggs down along the Portland waterfront, but later recanted her story saying she lied after being pressured by police.

FULL STORY: Lead detective in Briggs murder questioned for second full day at Sanborn hearing

Chapter 15

DAY 2 - OCT. 11

Lead investigator in Briggs’ murder case spends entire second day on witness stand

Sanborn's attorney on Wednesday focused on handwritten notes taken by the lead detective, notes that never made it into official reports.

FULL STORY: Lead detective in Briggs' murder spends day on stand in Sanborn hearing

Chapter 16

DAY 1 - OCT. 10

Convicted murderer Anthony Sanborn back in court fighting for his freedom

In her opening statement, Sanborn’s attorney told the judge investigators focused on Sanborn and looked for ways to implicate him in the murder of Briggs.

FULL STORY: Convicted murderer, Anthony Sanborn, fighting for freedom in court

Chapter 17


Anthony Sanborn is the first convicted murderer in Maine to be released on bail

“I was basically in survival mode for at least two years. I hung on because I thought someone's gonna do something. Like, someone's gonna have a conscience” he told NEWS CENTER after his release.

FULL STORY: Anthony Sanborn’s attempt to gain complete freedom begins Tuesday

The past, the present and the future.

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