ELLSWORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A roadway that stretches from Bangor to Ellsworth has been called dangerous by many of those who travel it frequently. A couple who live along Route 1A in Ellsworth said they are running into more problems than just speeding.

For the past five years, Edric and Aline Morin have not received any mail in the mailbox at the end of their drive. They said that is because Route 1A was recently paved and has increased the amount of speeding, thus making it too dangerous of a trip for the U.S. postal service.

“I haven’t been sleeping well at night it’s been like that for so long and it’s always on my mind,” said Mrs. Morin.

For years, the couple reached out to their state representatives and started petitions. Without any luck, they began to lose hope.

“I think oh maybe we’re going to get some help but then it stops—it depresses me. It’s always the same story,” said Mrs. Morin.

Since the post office said the road has become too dangerous to deliver to their household, the post master gave them two options-- set up a mailbox, half a mile down the road or purchase a PO Box at the post office 15 miles away.

The Morin’s decided on the first option.

Every day, 82-year-old Edric Morin, makes the journey to get their mail. But because the mail doesn’t come at a regular time every day—that sometimes turns into 2 or 3 trips a day.

At his age, Morin fears he won’t be able to drive soon. And that means—no way to get the mail at all.

“Here I am a Korean War veteran, disabled, and I can’t even get my mail. That just blows you up,” he said.

The Morin household and their next door neighbor are the last two houses one Route 1A in Ellsworth and the only ones who don’t get their mail delivered to their homes.

“Even Dedham delivers the mail to all of their people on Route 1A…dangerous highway, but we can’t get our mail, these two houses,” said Mrs. Morin.

Getting the mail used to be a highlight for this elderly couple. Now something so simple, has become a headache for them.

“Some people will ask at first, what have you done to bring this on? I haven’t done a thing!” said Mr. Morin.

The elderly couple said they have exhausted all of their options and are even considering to move if something does not change.

The U.S. Postal Service said they will evaluate the situation in the next couple of weeks. NEWS CENTER will have more details in the future.