Bangor, ME (NEWS CENTER) -- University of Maine Women's Basketball Coach took a sabbatical during the 2016-17 season. A rare malady known as a hole (dehiscence) in the Superior Semicircular Canal (inner ear) has been diagnosed as the cause.

The dehiscence drastically affected Barron's hearing. He heard noises at different pitches, extraneously noise was amplified and couldn't be filtered out. Particularly maddening were noises from within his body such as chewing.

It took Barron three months and thousands of dollars to travel the country finding the diagnosis. "My world was ending. I thought I was dying," Barron told NEWS CENTER.

The affliction also caused severed vertigo. Barron says he basically had to relearn to walk.

He will head to UCLA Medical Center for an operation on July 13th. Barron told NEWS CENTER that doctors will make an incision above his left ear. "They'll lift the brain up, take some of the bone, take some of the muscle and some paste and they'll spackle in the hole...and I get better."

Barron is uncertain if he will be able to coach again, but says getting the problem diagnosed has been wonderful. He is eating and sleeping better and is more civil to be around. He is also encouraged because although he does not know what he'll be able to do, he will be able to do something.