HOLDEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Following Flag Day, many Mainers decide to replace their "Old Glory" with a new one. However, improperly disposing of the old one can be just as disrespectful as allowing it to continue to hang. On Saturday, one Boy scout troop learned the correct way to do it.

Ray Campbell is the Cub master of Pack 21 from Holden and Dedham. For the last five years, he has conducted proper retirement ceremonies for torn, tattered, or faded flags.

“Ceremonial incineration is usually the best way to go,” he said.

He walked the cubs through the process every step of the way, while remembering his own father and previous scouts that fought for this country.

“In respect for those folks, we make sure to keep this going,” he said.

So he wants to drive that point home to the next generation, a message they seemed to understand.

“You're respecting [the flag] one last time,” said seven-year-old, Nolan Savage.

Their appreciation for the tradition is what keeps Campbell hopeful for the future.

“It touches me deeply and seeing the flag flying in a parade and watching my boys respond to it the way they should, that's gratifying,” he said.

And he hopes one day they will pass on the torch.

The cubs helped burn dozens of torn American Flags after collecting them from members in their community.