ELLSWORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – On Saturday, nearly 300 people showed up to the Ellsworth Middle School to rally against President Trump and his administration.

Many people are calling it the biggest political gathering in the history of Hancock county.

“It's a bit terrifying in some ways but I think it's also incredibly hopeful because you have people who have never shown up in the past who are now awake,” said Sherri Mitchell, an activist and member of the Penobscot Nation.

Like many others, she called the Hancock County Action Assembly, a “success.”

She has been fed up with President Trump's executive orders on the Dakota Access Pipeline, immigration reform and women's health-- and she is not the only one.

Maine's Attorney General, Janet Mills, had her back. It is all part of their plan of coming together to fight hatred.

“As Martin Luther King said, ‘only love and unity can defeat the forces that are taking away our rights,’” said Mills.

Hand-in-hand, protesters demonstrated acceptance for one another as they chanted, “get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight!”

Tolerance for one another is something Vivek Kumar fears is slowly disappearing in America.

“I'm afraid for my 12-year-old daughter and my wife,” he said. “I don't want anything to happen to them.”

Kumar said reports of hate crimes happening across the country have created a climate of fear. But sticking together, he said, can overcome any obstacle.

“We have to work hard to maintain our democracy and way of life and it's time for us to really be engaged,” said Kumar.

Members at Saturday’s rally said they will continue to gather and write letters until President Trump leaves office.