HAMPDEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – A dozen Emera Maine power workers headed for Florida Sunday morning, as hundreds of thousands of people there are without power.

Hurricane Irma is expected to wreak havoc on the entire state as the six trucks make their way south.

“It’s people helping people. Everyone that's going loves to help people,” Mark King said.

King, a lineworker, joined men and woman as they packed the trucks with supplies and water after an early-morning conference call. He said many of them have traveled out of state in times of need.

“We love seeing the people's faces when we roll in somewhere and say we're from Maine. They love seeing us especially knowing we've come so far to help them.” King said.

The crews are expected to join crews from across the country to restore power to Floridians. 10 lineworkers, a mechanic and a supervisor will be representing Emera Maine, according to officials.

“We’re just hoping to make it down there safely and safety is going to be our first priority with our crews’ travel,” Judy Long, a spokesperson for Emera, said.

She said the crews will not know exactly where in the state they will be utilized until they get there and assess the need.

“We’ve asked them to please stop and take shelter if necessary, and we just want to make sure that we safely restore service to everyone that needs help after the hurricane,” Long said.

The crews are expected to arrive in Florida by Wednesday.