(NEWS CENTER) -- Supporters of both major parties gathered at chosen southern Maine locations for watch parties of the third, and final, presidential debate.

Response from Trump watch party

Some of the loudest applause from Trump supporters in Westbrook came at the end of Tuesday's debate during Trump’s closing statement.That’s when he said electing Clinton would be akin to choosing another four years of President Obama. The audience also cheered when Hillary Clinton said a comment she made to Brazilian businessmen about "open borders" was about "energy" not immigration. This was the last chance for the candidates to appear on this type of stage before the American people so NEWS CENTER asked Trump supporters what question or topic their candidate could have spoken better about tonight.

Here’s what they said: "For any debate, I like to see a little less about the personal issues and more about actual issues that I’m concerned about," said Barbara Campbell Harvey, secretary of the Maine GOP. "I’m very concerned about the economy and jobs and I would like to know what Donald Trump will do for taxes."

"When the opening started about the videotape and the women he could have explained a little more that there were witnesses who came forward who were eyewitnesses to some of these women saying they didn’t happen," said Ray Richardson, host of the Ray Richardson show. "Frankly, he should’ve gone after her husband and her actions which were complicit with what Bill Clinton did to women."

Response from Clinton watch party

Clinton supporters were thrilled with their candidate's performance. When asked the if they thought Secretary Clinton could have done anything better - the combative nature of the debate was what they talked about.

But - even between the Democrats - they had some different opinions on how Secretary Clinton could have handled her opponent.

"I think there's probably been a few times in which she could have 'trumped' him, so to speak, when he talked over her or something like that," explained Clinton supporter Richard Jorgensen.

On the other hand, another Clinton supporter, Nicole McCarthy, said, "At times I wished maybe she had stopped a little sooner and let him hang himself like he had in the past."

Response from NEWS CENTER political analysts