LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — With just two weeks to Election Day, two of Donald Trump’s sons came to Maine and New Hampshire Tuesday to campaign for their father.

Eric Trump visited several spots in New Hampshire, a key battleground state. Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. paid a visit to Maine.

Trump Jr. was greeted at Simones' Hot Dog Stand by Governor Paul LePage, who made a surprise visit to Lewiston. The Governor predicted a Trump win and accused the media of trying to spin the election.

“He’s going to win it," he said. "You can try to spin the election all you want, but the people got your game, they got it figured out."

Lewiston voters supported Gov. LePage both times he ran for the Blaine House. The city is part of Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, which the Trump campaign has been focusing on.

Trump Jr. also visited Auburn, also a part of the 2nd District, where he thanked campaign workers at GOP headquarters.

In an earlier visit to a gun shop and shooting range in Gray, he played to the outdoors crowd that gathered to see him, telling them his father will protect the 2nd Amendment and their right to bear arms.

“The second thing behind freedom of religion and freedom of speech that our Founding Fathers thought of was the right to be able to defend ourselves," he said. "That should not be infringed."