PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Five years after an assassination attempt that almost took her life, former U-S congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is traveling the country to speak out against gun violence. She visited Portland on Wednesday to urge Mainers to vote yes on Question 3.

Congresswoman Giffords pleaded with Mainers to do what they can to make it harder for firearms to fall into the wrong hands.

Giffords was joined at the "Yes on 3" rally by Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuk, who believes a yes vote on Question 3 will make the state a safer place to live and close the loopholes that currently exist in gun purchases.

But those who against the proposed change say if officials wanted this measure to be about stopping gun violence, it should have been worded differently. They say if it passes, responsible Maine gun owners could face serious consequences for things that are a part of Maine's hunting culture.

If Question 3 passes, the state would require background checks before a gun sale or transfer between people who do not have a license to sell a gun. The buyer and seller must meet at a licensed dealer, where a background check will be done. Exceptions include transfers between family members, while the parties are hunting or sport shooting together, and emergency self-defense.